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Contact the CAHL
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  Welcome to, the official website of the Calgary Adult Hockey League (CAHL).

  The Calgary Adult Hockey League (CAHL), founded in 2004, is a competitive non-body checking/non-contact adult recreational ice hockey league in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

  Experienced players are welcome to join our various divisions, which are based on skills, playing nights, or game times for the winter and summer seasons.

  "Bienvenue à", le site officiel de la Ligue de Hockey pour Adultes de Calgary.

  La Ligue de Hockey pour Adultes de Calgary est une ligue de Hockey sur glace compétitive et récréative sans contact. Les hommes et les femmes de tous les niveaux d'abilités sont bienvenues à joindre nos divisions variées qui se déroule la nuit et peuvent jouer pendant l'Hiver et l'Été.

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Incident Communication Protocol

  Previous Incident Communication Protocol
  (as of Oct 6, 2016)
Incident Communication Protocol

  Previous Incident Communication Protocol
  (as of Jun 14, 2016)
Incident Communication Protocol


  This is a small selection of some of the unsolicited compliments that we have received.

  "Thanks again for organizing the league! Best league I've been apart of for the last 20 years in Calgary!"
  -Stef Doan, TigerBuffs/Friar Tux

  "Just wanted to reach out and say thanks for running the best damn league in the city. I play in a few and the CAHL blows all of them away. I've convinced my other team to shift to you for the summer, thanks for putting it all together.
Pylons are already looking forward to season 13 with you."
  -Tom Strangward, The Pylons

  "Ah, I know it's just beer league, but, ah, a lot of these guys, we haven't won a, won a championship since we were 10 years old or 12 years old. So it's just, it's unreal. Ah, and, ah, really appreciate the league putting this altogether, making it feel real. Ah, with the trophies and everything like that. So shout out to Simon and everybody there, and all the refs for, for never missing a game, and we really appreciate never having to, ah, to go home or play shinny, or."
-Taylor Odishaw, Hardfor Whales

  "...we really enjoy the league and want to be back next year."
-Alex Jamieson, Blazers

  "So it's nice to kind of bounce back from that and not let ourselves get behind too much in the standings, and yeah, we just like getting together once a week, honestly, and having fun. So this is a great league for that, and yeah, we're enjoying it."
-Rob Geddes, Dirty Mike & the Boys

  "This is going to be my tenth season with the Dragons & the CAHL and I have loved every minute of it. Kudos for building a successful league. I hope you still get time to play hockey. Thanks Simon.
  -Dan Tinaburri, Dragons

  "The United Nations team in Division A had a fantastic time in the league. They express their thanks and gratitude to yourself and the teams they played. The competition was fun and they were all great guys to play against. Unfortunately, with the make-up of the team (WHL and Jr. A), they are all leaving for various points in the U.S. and Western Canada to their respective camps early next week."
  -Mark Ully, United Nations Team - Manager

  "We greatly appreciate it. You have done a lot for us, please let me know if there is anything Ambrose can do to help the CAHL as well.
Thanks again and we look forward to the start of another great year."
  -Ryan Willison, Ambrose University - Director of Athletics and Campus Recreation

  "Thanks again for the great year, as always everything was well organized and officials plus timekeepers in attendance for every game. Your team does a fantastic job!
Again Simon, thanks for your help in this regard, and thanks again for all your work over the season. I am sure you know I have played a lot of years of hockey, and I have to say the years in the CAHL have been some of the most fun since Junior Hockey. Your staff and officials are all very friendly and approachable."
  -Don McDougall, Earth Fluids Panthers

  "Thanks again for being on top of things, really appreciate your quick replies and help throughout this season."
  -Marc Miller, Panthers/Dusters

  "I should have my roster finalized in the next couple of days, thanks for all of your help Simon, we are all excited to get back to playing!"
  -Benjamin Rogalsky, NorthStars/Wookiees

  "Good evening Simon,
On behalf of the team, I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for posting photos from the last Mighty Peking Ducks game onto the CAHL home page.
The shots look amazing and the gang really appreciates the gesture.
Hope you've had wonderful holidays, see you in the second half of the season.
  -Peter Nguyen, Mighty Peking Ducks

  "I really enjoy this leauge [sic] by far the best leauge [sic] I have played in in the past 15 years"
  -Tyce Ottenhof, Icemen

  "The officiating, management, etc, has been top notch."
  -Reid Larsen, Swarm

  "Awesome, thanks, happy to play in it! It's a great league, thanks for setting it up."
  -Richard Bland, Calgary Cowboys

  "Thanks so much I really appreciate it. I would also like to mention this is a great league to play in and the referees have been particularly good since I joined. Thank you too [sic] all involved that make this fun hockey league possible."
  -Kevin Henderson, Fighting Irish Republican Army

  "Thanks so much! It is a fun season this year - the division is nice and evenly matched!
Hope you had a great new year and a wonderful holiday season!"
-Matthew Waldorf, Dragons

  "Simon - first off, I'd like to thank you for your help over the last number of years and recognize your association with the HHL. We appreciate your past service and wish you well in future endeavors!"
  -Ian Wilson, Heritage Hockey League - President

  "You run a great league"
  -Lorne Robinson, WRAHL - Chairman

  "Simon you have been stellar in co-ordinating the Time Keepers for us for many years and we applaud all your support over the years. You are all class and we fully appreciate all that you have done."
  -Patrick Sutherland, CAMHL - General Manager

  "And while I'm at it, I should add that, as a team manager, I can imagine you have a pretty tough, thankless job, but I wanted to say thanks for all your work in running the league! We've been in a couple leagues around town and CAHL has been by far the most enjoyable one to be in. We may whine about reffing or calls or the other teams now and then but in the big scheme of it all, we've all enjoyed our time in this league and you've been very good to us (even going back to when one of our players Josh Winters collapsed on the ice and you were one of the first ones to be at the hospital for him!)."
  -Aaron Bauer, Blue Streak

  "Hi! Just wanted to say I love the league and the organization!"
  -Ed Bouvier, Red Neck Army

  "Great write up on the lycans vs pylons game!"
  -Kevin Wong, Lycans

  "We are having a great time in the CAHL, not missing our former league at all."
  -Geoff McNary, Le Fromage Top

  "My name is Connor Scott, thanks for the front page accolades today."
  -Connor Scott, Wranglers

  "this is my fourth season in the cahl and couldn't be happier with how it's gone !"
  -Everest Jason, Hardfor Whales/Bar Stars/Soft Dump in the Corner

  "We've had a great year so far in the CAHL and plan on signing up for the 2016 - 2017 season soon.
Thanks for all your work organizing."
  -Adam Blair, IBEX

  "You are very welcome, we think you guys are terrific partners and want to be sure you know your business is appreciated"
  -Shannon Pierce, Edge School - Admissions Coordinator and Event Coordinator

  "Keep up the good work.
Thanks again,"
  -Ryan Zolmer, Eagles

  "Great league that my entire team likes to play in. We are certainly in for winter league"
  -Brett Turner, Beavers

  "You do a great job of having friendly and fair referees. The players are all very nice with a high calibre of clean play."
  -Steven Hannah, Swarm

  "we've really enjoyed playing the past couple of years."
  -Bryan Walker, The Jerry's/Wheeling Nailers

  "Lastly I'd just like to thank you again for the time and consideration you've put into this issue as other leagues would not have dealt with this as well as you have. Your willingness to listen and communicate with me is very much appreciated."
  -Rob Geddes, Dirty Mike & the Boys

  "I'm pretty excited the photographer came out to our game last night."
  -Mike Berezowski, Peter North Stars

  "Thanks Simon, been a heat year and look forward to playoffs. The skill level and lack of dirtiness really sets this league apart from **** and *****. ...Best league by far!"
  -Troy Kamphuis-Finnigan, Crude Awakening

Elite Players and Athletes

  This is a small selection of some of the elite players and athletes who have played in the CAHL.

  Professional (NHL, CFL, etc.)
  Major Junior (WHL, OHL, etc.)
  Olympics (Sochi 2014, etc.)
  National Team (Canada, etc.)
  University/College (NCAA, etc.)

  Devin Afonso, ACAC
  Jordan Alford, ECHL - Professional
  Owen Anifinson, ACHA
  Jordan Belchos, Canada National Team Speedskating
  Craig Bezjack, ACAC
  Curtis Billsten, ECHL - Professional
  Kyle Block, CWUAA
  Lane Boswell, MCHA
  Jeff Cameron, ECHL - Professional
  Jeremy Chadsey, ECHL - Professional
  Cole Cheveldave, WHL
  Jeff Christie, Olympics Luge
  Ian Cockerline, Olympics Luge
  Brett Corkey, ECHL - Professional
  Chris Crowell, NCAA Div I
  Mike Della Mora, OHL
  Brent Dodginghorse, ECHL - Professional
  Samuel Edney, Olympics Luge
  Keaton Ellerby, NHL - Professional
  Chad Evans, ACAC
  Nathan Exner, WHL
  Dyland Exton, NCAA Div I
  Bob Fakto, ACAC
  Ted Fleury, WHL
  Travis Fleury, CHL - Professional
  Taras Foremsky, ECHL - Professional
  Brent Gay, ACAC
  Kent Gillings, LM/ML - Professional
  Chad Golanowski, NCHA
  Branden Gracel, NCAA Div I
  Jason Gracel, ACHA
  Jackson Elynuik, WHL
  Jared Hauf, WHL
  Harrison Harper, WHL
  Dylan Holloway, NHL
  Dustin Honing, ACHA
  Dan Hursh, NCAA Div I
  Shane Hynes, ECHL - Professional
  Gil Junio, Olympics Speedskating
  Eric Krienke, WHL
  Chad Labelle, WHL
  Max Lajoie, NHL - Professional
  Dustin Lattery, WPHL - Professional
  Kevin Lewis, ACAC
  Jesse Lees, WHL
  Brady Leman, Olympics Freestyle Skiing
  Kevin Leonard, NCAA Div III
  Mark Logan, NCAA Div III
  Jesse Lumsden, Olympics Bobsledding, CFL - Professional
  Jeff MacPhee, CHL - Professional
  Tanner Macmaster, ECAC - NCAA Div I
  Mitchel Malyk, Olympics Luge
  Travis Meguinis, UHL - Professional
  Scott Moir, Olympics Ice Dance
  Vince Pitt, ACAC
  Lesley Reddon, Team Canada
  Sheldon Rempal, NCAA Div I
  Phil Riopel, Canada National Team Speedskating
  David Scully, ACAC
  Dan Seibel, ACAC
  Justin Snith, Olympics Luge
  Pat Stachniak, AHL - Professional
  Austin Strand, NHL - Professional
  Matthew Thomas, WHL
  Cole Ully, AHL - Professional, Drafted by the NHL Dallas Stars
  Jamal Watson, WHL
  Austin Wagner, NHL - Professional
  Craig Weller, NHL - Professional
  Riley Whittingham, WHL
  Brett Wilson, CHL - Professional
  Chad Wolkowski, WHL
  Spencer Wong, BCIHL
  Josh Zimmer, ACAC
  Bobby Zinkan, WHL, QMJHL

  NHL - National Hockey League - Professional
  AHL - American Hockey League - Professional
  ECHL - simply ECHL, used to stand for East Coast Hockey League - Professional
  CHL - Central Hockey League - Professional
  CFL - Canadian Football League - Professional
  WPHL - Western Professional Hockey League, merged with CHL - Professional
  UHL - United Hockey League, merged with CHL - Professional
  LM/ML - Ligue Magnus/Magnus League - Professional
  WHL - Western Hockey League - Major Junior
  OHL - Ontario Hockey League - Major Junior
  QMJHL - Quebec Major Junior Hockey League - Major Junior
  Team Canada - Canadian National Team - National Team
  NCAA - National Collegiate Athletic Association - University/College
  ACHA - American Collegiate Hockey Association - University/College
  ECAC - Eastern Collegiate Athletic Conference - University/College
  MCHA - Midwest Collegiate Hockey Association - University/College
  NCHA - Northern Collegiate Hockey Association - University/College
  ACAC - Alberta Colleges Athletic Conference - University/College
  CWUAA - Canada West Universities Athletic Association - University/College
  BCIHL - British Columbia Intercollegiate Hockey League - University/College